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Name£º Yang Qi-zhi
Sex£º male
Title£º Professor
Master adisor
Degree£º Ph.D
Date of Promotion£º
Education Background & Work Experience£º
Education Background:
Visiting Scholar, Ryerson University, Canada, 2012
Postdoctoral Fellow, Jiangsu University , P.R.C , 2009
Ph.D., Jiangsu University , P.R.C , 2006
M.A.Sc., Qingdao University of Science & Technology ,P.R.C, 1999
B.A.Sc., Qingdao University of Science & Technology ,P.R.C, 1996

Work Experience:
1999.7-2014.6 School of Mechanical Engineering, Jiangsu University
Deputy director Mechanical excellent engineer department
Deputy director Intelligent robot institute
2014.7-present School of Agricultural Equipment Engineering ( Institute of Agricultural Engineering), Jiangsu University.
Director Agricultural mechanization & automation department
Deputy director Intelligent robot institute
and Social
Excellent academic young backbone teacher for Qinglan Project of Jiangsu Province of P.R.China
Optimal Design of Machines (for postgraduate students);

Theory and Design of Mechanisms and Machines, Mechanical Foundation , Design of Robot (for undergraduates)
Agricultural robot, Parallel Mechanism and its application, Micro-displacement robot(Compliant robot) , Multi-DOF vibration actuator and etc.
The National Natural Science Funds(50905077), 2009
The Ph. D.Programs Foundation of Ministry of Education of China(SRFDP:20093227120007), 2009
The Major National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program)(2010AA040201),
The Open Funds of National Key Lab of Robot (2013-O08), 2013
Representative papers£º
More than 30 academic papers in such periodicals as Journal of Mechanic Engineering, China Mechanic Engineering, Journal of Agricultural Machinery and Journal of Jiangsu university have been published. 15 of the papers were indexed by EI and ISTP. Such as:
1 Yang, Qizhi; Cao, Dianfeng; Zhao, Jinhai. Analysis on state of the art of upper limb rehabilitation robots. Source:
Jiqiren/Robot, v 35, n 5, p 630-640, September 2013
2 Yang, Qizhi; Zhu, Xiaobing; Ma, Lüzhong; Huang, Guoquan; Zhuang, Jiaqi; Zi, Pengfei . Structural design and
flexibility analysis of new compliant revolute pair with macro-scale deformation. Source: Nongye Jixie
Xuebao/Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Machinery, v 43, n 9, p 209-212, September 2012
3 Yang, Qizhi; Huang, Guoquan; Chen, Long; Zi, Pengfei; Zhu, Xiaobing. Kinetic analysis of parallel
vibration-absorber platform with 3-DOF of one translation and two rotations. Source: Jiangsu Daxue Xuebao
(Ziran Kexue Ban)/Journal of Jiangsu University (Natural Science Edition), v 33, n 4, p 425-429, July 2012
4 Yang, Qizhi; Guo, Zonghe; Ma, Luzhong; Yin, Xiaoqin; Wang, Junying. Kinematics of a novel 3-DOF
translational fully compliant parallel micromanipulator. Source: Nongye Jixie Xuebao/Transactions of the Chinese
Society of Agricultural Machinery, v 37, n 11, p 96-99, November 2006.
5 Qizhi, Yang; Binbin, Yao; Dianfeng, Cao. Analysis and simulation of a hybrid mechanism with 2r-3t of special
machining platform. Source: Key Engineering Materials, v 575-576, p 341-347, 2014,
6 Qizhi, Yang ; Daimin, Yuan; Jiaqi, Zhuang; Dianfeng, Cao. Analysis of the flexible prismatic pair processing errors of a flexible parallel vibration platform with high frequency. Source: Key Engineering Materials, v 575-576, p 331-336, 2014
More than10 patents have been granted for invention. More than 6 patents have been applied new models.
Contact Information£º
phone: 86-13815172929
email: ,
Address: Department of agricultural mechanization engineering, 42# mailbox, School
of Agriculture Equipment Engineering,Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang,
Jiangsu, P.R. of China
Post Code: 212013
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