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Agricultural Engineering Discipline of JSU Approval BY Jiangsu Provincial Government for Excellent Discipline Construction Project
Date:2018-11-30 | Hits:
Agricultural Engineering  Discipline of JSU Approval BY Jiangsu Provincial  Government for Excellent Discipline Construction Project

The  People's Government of Jiangsu Provincial Government issued the List of Projects  for the 3rd Phase of Jiangsu Provincial Excellent Discipline  Construction Project. Our university disciplines of Agricultural Engineering,  Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Dynamic Engineering  and Engineering Thermal Physics, computer science and technology, environmental  science and engineering, food science and engineering, control science and  engineering, management science and engineering, and clinical medicine have been  approved for this project, ranking the 5th in the province. Approved  construction budget of 58.3 million, ranked second in the province.

The  construction of the university's excellent disciplines in Jiangsu Province has  been implemented since 2010. It is a basic and strategic project implemented by  the Jiangsu Provincial Government to promote high-level university construction  and national double world-class construction. It will improve the quality of  education and promote the development of the university characteristics. In the  first phase, 3 projects of JSU were approved from 122 disciplines all the  province. In the second phase, 6projects from 137 disciplines. The present  phase, 10 projects from 178 disciplines.

The  third phase of the Jiangsu University's Excellent Discipline Construction  Project is based on the assessment and acceptance of the second phase of the  project. With reference to the results of the fourth round of discipline  assessment by MoE. It had been reviewed by the Provincial Degree Office and  reported to the Provincial People's Government for final approval. Based on this  opportunity, our university will conscientiously implement the main  responsibility of the construction of various disciplines. On the basis of  clarifying the orientation, direction, objectives and tasks of relevant  disciplines, we will strengthen the construction of disciplines and promote the  cross-integration of disciplines. Innovate the development mechanism and  organizational model of the discipline, continue to excel in optimizing the  layout of the discipline, and contribute to the promotion of “Double  World-Class” and high-level university construction.


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