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For December Graduation PG student:Notice on the Awarding Graduate Degree to the third batch in 2018
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The information related to concerned offices is given below (centers, institutes / institutes,):

In order to do a good job in awarding the third batch of graduate degree in 2018, the following announcements are given concerning the examination, defense, degree evaluation and certificate issuance of the dissertations:


1.Submission , defense requirements and other related matters


(1) The dissertations of all types of postgraduates must be tested for academic misconduct [Plagiarism] before it is submitted for trial (see Annex1 for details). Only those who pass the check can further continue to submit their dissertation for blind trial.


(2)The time to submit thesis for trial is on every Monday afternoon and Thursday morning. To ensure the timely defense of postgraduate dissertations(master) the deadline for submitting  is  November 15th and deadline for submitting doctoral dissertations(Phd) for this batch is Nov 1st respectively. All colleges are requested to make overall arrangements for the submission of thesis for trial and approval according to the number of graduate students and their specific conditions.If the comments of the dissertations submitted for trial cannot be returned in time for defense, the graduate students bear full responsibility by themselves.


(3) All full-time master's dissertations are submitted by the College for examination (except for the Outstanding Dissertations). In order to do a good job of inspection and supervision, the degree office will conduct random evaluation and inspection of the dissertations submitted for examination in each batch (the list is not displayed to public), and the results of the examination will be fed back to the relevant colleges for study. The situation and results will be evaluated further by the Academic Degrees Committee.


(4)The number of returned comments of doctoral dissertations will be published on the website of "Graduate School of Jiangsu University" ( . Updated daily, please go online to inquire about the return of comments regarding your dissertation.


(5) A postgraduate thesis submitted for defense after the deadline for approval is submitted to the postgraduate's degree paper, whose "blind trial" is handled  normally, but in principle this batch does not accept the application of author's degree.


(6) The defense time of postgraduate dissertations should be determined after receiving the opinions of postgraduate dissertations and must fulfill the requirements for defense. Failure to comply with the provisions of this article will not ensure that thesis defense is carried out on schedule.It is particularly emphasized that if dissertation opinions and comments do not fulfill the requirements, the defense of a dissertation is invalid。


2. Requirements and conditions to apply for Outstanding dissertations.

根据《江苏大学优秀研究生学位论文评选办法》精神,拟申报优秀学位论文的研究生须在学位论文提交送审前提出申请,填写“江苏大学研究生优秀学位论文拟报申请表” (范本见附件2)交研究生院学位办。逾期未提出申请者,本次优秀学位论文申报无效。

According to the spirit of the "Selection Method for Excellent Graduate Dissertations of Jiangsu University", postgraduates who intend to apply for Outstanding Dissertations must submit their applications before submitting their dissertations for examination, and fill in the "Application Form for Outstanding Graduate Dissertations of Jiangsu University" (see Annex 2 for the template) and submit them to the Graduate School's Degree Office. If the applicant fails to file an application, the declaration of this excellent dissertation will be invalid.


3.Requirements and materials to be submitted for granting Degree .



All colleges and universities are requested to convene a meeting of Sub Committee on academic degrees at the appropriate time. All colleges are requested to submit the names and materials of the proposed batch of postgraduate and doctoral candidates by December 21 to the Graduate School's Degree Office.


4.Granting Graduation and Degree certificates.



(1) Preparation of certificate

All graduate diploma are printed by OEC and degree certificates are printed by graduate school.

(2) 证书发放



(2)Issuance of Certificate

The certificate must be approved by the Institute, finance department and graduate school.Schools stipulate the third and fourth working days after each batch of degree committees are the exclusive time for the issuance of master's degree, degree certificate and doctoral degree certificate (doctoral degree needs to be publicized for three months). The exclusive time for the issuance of doctoral degree certificate is the first time after the expiration of three months after the commencement of the degree committees. Certificate holders are requested to receive the certificate at the exclusive time. Otherwise, only Thursday afternoons, after one month of expiratory period, will be the time for obtaining the certificate (except holidays).


(3)Replacement of Certificate



Students who need to change their certificates due to errors in the information must submit written applications to the Graduate School Degree Office at the beginning of the next batch. The certificates can be replaced only after the valid reason of the application certificate is accepted . Such applications are not accepted in this batch.

All colleges and graduate schools are warmly invited to do a good job in awarding the third batch of graduate students in 2018.


When submitting the application for trial of dissertation, the graduate students in this batch should also submit the "Scholarship Degree Granting Information Form" which is checked and signed by themselves.

AttachmentsFor master:1..Application form to submit disseration 2.Basic information form 3.Dissertation information form 4.Handbook 5.Transcripts

<span style="color: rgb(102, 102, 102);font-family:" font-size:14px;white-space:normal;background-color:#ffffff;"="">For PHD: 1.Application form to submit disseration 2.Basic information form 3.Dissertation information form 4.Handbook 5.Transcripts

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